Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Brave New World

For those who have not been bombarded on the various Disney channels by the constant reminders, Disney/Pixar's - "Brave" arrives in theaters tomorrow. As someone who celebrates my Scottish heritage with great pride, I need little other reason to see this movie than the promise of delightful accents woven into a movie that will undoubted have a scene that jokes about what males wear under their kilts.

Because I am "no one" in the blogging world, I get to be part of an elite group of parental bloggers who have not already been to see this movie. However, as I am an increasingly avid reader of a variety of these other blogs, I've certainly seen a great deal of little snippets in regard to the movie's content.

Now I have no intention of trying to sell people on a movie that I have not seen. Even the things I've read about it doesn't get me very far because people take different aspects of the movie home with them. It just depends on what really stands out to them personally as they watch it. Heck, if I tried to pull off a review based on my reading, I'd end up with a write-up about the story of a bow and some arrows that a mother and daughter talk to using extremely random Celtic words that seem to summon bears. I'm 64% sure that's not the plot of "Brave" (in theaters tomorrow).

So what do I have to say about this movie besides the likelihood of wearing a kilt to the theater when/if I get the chance to go? Well, it has to do with another Pixar movie, and my deepest hope that I can spark some level of conversation in the comments section.

William, who is several months into the 3 year old territory, loves Disney/Pixar movies. His other interests seem to generally be running and screaming. That's where my issue comes into play. Something Melissa and I have really had to learn as parents is that we're not alone in our fear that every time we're out with the kids, they are bothering everyone. The truth is, when we feel that William is "acting up" in a restaurant, there's probably a parent somewhere close by remarking at how he is so well behaved. We're both getting better about understanding that a great deal of people around us when we're out [INSERT LAME ACTIVITY THAT SUDDENLY BECOMES COOL WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS] know how it works, and they really don't care about a little noise.

However, a movie theater is a different situation and that brings me to the basis of my question. I know William will love "Brave" enough that if we were to buy it for him, it would be yet another movie he asks to watch by name. He will learn who the characters are, and he will learn where to laugh, scream, or be sad. He will enjoy it over...and over. Also, it has been announced that in September they will be releasing "Finding Nemo" in 3D, which is a huge favorite for him. My point is, there are great chances this year to take him to his first ever in theater experience, but it scares the crap out of me.

So, after this fantastically long-winded ramble, my question is: When did you guys first take your kids to the movies? Or if you're like us with kids in that younger age bracket, what are you waiting for that would you feel comfortable making an attempt?

Specifically for "Finding Nemo" I'm well aware that William will gladly watch it at any time. He's probably dreaming the entire movie as I'm sitting here writing this! I suppose it's obvious that my concerns are that we'll get a little bit into the movie and he just won't be able to watch it without the freedom to run around this crazy new place that has the biggest Nemo ever. I'm super excited to be able to do this stuff with my boys at some point, but I wonder when it's gonna be "right."


  1. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  2. We (along with my aunt and several cousins) went with my cousin and his son Lucas (who was a few months shy of 5) to Cars 2 for Lucas' first movie in the theater. Lucas got a bit antsy toward the end of the movie, probably because with all the ads and trailers, the running time of the movie is extended by another half an hour or so, but generally was a rock star. This spring we (and the rest of the family) saw The Lorax with Lucas and his brother Aiden, age 2-1/2. Aiden was well prepped on the importance of being quiet at the movies, and bribed with popcorn (which he loved almost as much as the movie), and he did great. I think the biggest thing with both boys was that they were really excited to do this big boy activity, and we went to morning showings that were not on opening weekend. Javi and I saw Brave on Sunday. I think you and William might make a fantastic man-date out of it.