Friday, June 29, 2012

A Person More Talented Than Me!

If you're like me, you probably read that title and started thinking of a very long list of people. Don't feel too bad for me; earlier this week I had someone tell me that my cakes are the BEST (they used all caps). I do things.

While you and your friends do a march madness style bracket of people I could possibly be referring to, I'm gonna move on.

I'm not sure how much insight into my personal character you are able to grasp as a reader. Obviously at this point I want people to enjoy my writing. I hope over time that more people will feel inclined to come back on a regular basis and tell their friends, but at the moment it's hard to tell where things are going and where I fit into the lives of what often feels like a very short list of people who stumble into my little world here. Am I just the handsome comedian to people? The super intelligent handsome humorist? Perhaps you think I'm a total jerk, who is handsome. Do I let the light shine on your heart the way Linus vows the Great Pumpkin will pave the way for the magical spirit of Halloween? I may never know, but I'll let you all in on a little secret.

I like nerdy, geeky stuff.

That's why I love James Hance.

Now before I go further I want to be clear that the following are my own opinions and while the timing of my post is certainly not a coincidence, I am getting nothing to plead with you to go spend lots and lots of money on his amazing work.

So enough delay, go right here.

The title at the top says it all for me. "Relentlessly Cheerful Art." Not just cheerful art, relentlessly cheerful art! Art so cheerful that it refuses to not cheerful at you. That alone is so awesome that you might forget that there's so much more to his site.

The perfect place to start is on his prints page where the magic of his mind becomes almost overwhelming. Look, I have my little nerd loves, so when I find a guy who takes things two things I enjoy in an obsessive kind of way like the movie "Shawn of the Dead" and the Muppets I am a pretty happy camper. I could sit here and link picture after picture, but seriously, just go look! There is something you'll love, and better yet, there's something you can share with your kids. For only 10 bucks you get an amazing, high-quality print, and look at the sizes! How am I so sure of the quality? We've purchased two prints and a very awesome shirt (which are also extremely well made and at $25 is certainly affordable). There's also kids size clothing, stickers, ipod and iphone cases, and hoodies. Don't you just want to hold hands with someone and hop around in a state of gleeful euphoria?!

Now the reason I have chosen to post about this fantastic dreamaginationer at this specific point in time is his latest book, which I'm so giddy for that every so often Melissa has to put me on my back and rub my belly to calm me down like a shark. Now Mr. Hance has already put out one book which I have sadly not purchased as of yet, but believe me, I plan on it. Both prints we own are from the "Wookie the Chew" series, and William loves them. I don't need to have a copy of his previous writing in my hand to know that a mash-up of "Winnie the Pooh" which is one of William's favorite things in the world, and "Star Wars" which I love, is going to be an instant hit in this household. That's exactly why I'm so very excited for his new book. "Goodnight, Pond" is a brilliant idea which again, seems taken from a list of most favorite things ever for William and myself. It combines "Goodnight, Moon" which I'm sure like many of you, I have read so many times that I not only know the words from memory, but I can point to every object in the room without so much as a glance, AND DOCTOR WHO!!! Seriously, my biggest dilemma with this book is how many to buy, because if it follows the lifespan of the other three "Goodnight, Moon" books that we have bought for William...this book will be eaten. Probably need a backup. Or 7.

Now, if you have lasted this long without just throwing in the towel to the idea that "Ev has a man-crush on this guy" I'd like to bring up one last thing - he's a dad. Better yet, he's a dad doing everything he can to take care of his little girl. Her story and information on how you can get involved can be found here. I've said it before, and it might always be true, within the blogging world I am no one. If you don't want to believe me that minivans are a great purchase for your family, then okay. However, James Hance is a person far more talented than me, and I'm certainly moved by his abilities and by the story of his daughter; I think you will be too.

So I urge you to go and find joy in his artwork, and if you can help with funds to his little girl then do! Having his artwork in the house for months now I can certainly attest to the fact that it will always be boldly in your face, unapologetically turning the corners of your mouth upward. You will find yourself relentlessly cheered.

Go! Tell him I sent you! He'll say, "Who?" That's just this thing we do...

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