Sunday, May 20, 2012

All right.

A while ago I was sitting at my desk doing the very important computer related work of the stay at home parent*. It's really not uncommon for William or Carter to come up and say a few things to me, or simply drag me away from the computer to see the newest organization strategy for the couch cushions or even play Sock Ninja! Over the past 3 years of being in constant contact with various degrees of chatter or screaming, I've learned to protect what's left of my sanity by simply turning off my brain from time to time. By the way, for those of you who might have a spouse who is a stay at home parent be aware that from what little information I have, this is quite a common thing. What's more, due to the large amount of practice we, as the stay at parent, is sometimes...misdirected...right at your face. So please be patient. It's not that we are trying to specifically ignore you, we are actually trying to ignore any and all noises. We can snap in and out of it with very little effort, and we thank you for waiting.

So while in the midst of using my superpower, Carter's voice was getting loud in the background. Loud and a little persistent. If I might mind-illustrate (millustrate? these word combos doin anything for you folks?) what it's like exiting the brain-off phase into the brain-on phase. Hopefully for you spouses, this will make it a little more clear why you sometimes get several, "What?"s in a row.





"What do you need Carter?" *finally snapping out of it and turning around*


It was at this point that Carter and I had our first ever, Father-Son, All Right Off! For no less than 5 minutes Carter would put his hands in the air and scream, "ALL RIGHT!" at which point he would throw his arms down by his side. I would do the same, and the back and forth continued. At the end of the 5 minutes and with no warning at all, Carter exited the room to go check on what William was doing.

That means I win right? Judges? I only ask so I can rub it in his face when he's older.

*Checking Facebook

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