Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We get it, Ev, shut up.

Why Porsche should sponsor my blog.

Is it still a big deal to get Hard Rock Café t-shirts? I think I first caught wind of that in elementary school. I don't think I ever liked the food too much. It was okay, but when you're talking about a restaurant that holds so much rock and roll history, I don't think you have to worry about trying to draw people in with your mozzarella sticks. Either way, I managed to get a couple from family vacations or my Dad going on a business trip. I felt like quite the big shot walking around with my Hard Rock shirts.

When I was 8 or 9, we took a trip up to the Poconos in Pennsylvania. As a surprise to all of us, or maybe just me, my Mom got us tickets to one of those all inclusive tours to New York! You know, the place where evidently sub-par salsa is made. Thank god for Pace Picanté. We did a lot of the tourist stuff, but this was a charter bus tour, so there were time limits to everything. Around lunch time it was announced that there would be a big block of time to sort of wander and get food. A great idea for a bunch of out of towners, I hope there was some form of "I'M LOST!" system in place. I guess it's nothing more risky then all my trips involving band.

We puttered around for a little bit, and decided that we had enough time to go check out the World Trade Center buildings before going to lunch. Being in Manhattan wasn't completely unlike being in Orlando, but there's still something really exciting about being there. You feel like you're in the middle of everything happening anywhere in the world. And the history! All these iconic symbols of America. Which brings me to the food. Places like New York, L.A., Chicago, and more recently I guess you could add Orlando to that...sort of...always seem to have so much going on in the world of food. To be right there was certain an amazing chance to sample things we'd probably never have again.

So Hard Rock was a pretty solid choice.

As we made our way through all the guest areas of the Trade Centers, we talked more about lunch and as it most important to an 8 or 9 year old, the topic turned to souvenirs. In a city filled with fake watches and street hot dogs that would both make for great take-home items, we all seemed to also want the famous Hard Rock - New York shirt.

Then something magical happened.

There was this area in one of the buildings which was essentially a gift shop and food count. They had all the typical New York souvenirs. 2 inch figurines of the Statue of Liberty, 6 inch figurines of the Statue of Liberty, ahh...couple of the 12 inch figurines of the Statue of Liberty, and I'm pretty sure they had one of the 4 foot high figurines of the Statue of Liberty. My attention was elsewhere though.

Possibly the best product made in the late 80's, early 90's (maybe ever) was the door sized poster. At some point, there was someone smart enough to say, "Why the heck are we looking at doors when we could be looking at every member of New Kids on the Block?" I'm guessing the same person, years later, came up with that window cling stuff that made it look like there was always clouds outside or like you had purchased a stain glass window from a very low end company. But there, in the World Trade Center building, I saw the coolest door sized poster I had ever seen. Top to bottom, a vision of engineering and beauty - Every Porsche made during that model year! Want. A dilemma arose, I was told I needed to pick - The shirt or the poster.

I have never owned a Hard Rock Café - New York shirt.

You hear me Porsche? A little kid picked a poster over a popular trending, American, shirt. You call me. You call me real soon.

Cause here's the problem. Lots of Mom blog sites do some pretty amazingly cool things. They get contacted by all these great companies about product reviews and giveaways. It's a pretty good move, lots of win-win for everyone...except us Dadmans. While my hair is always silky soft and full of bounce, the companies just don't market to guys. It's not where the money comes from. I'm also a man that works with tools and lawn mowers and drool, and all the skin care product companies seem to feel that is not in their demographic. While I understand it, this leaves me with the question of who...who is gonna step up for us Dads? I just have so much jealousy admiration for these great Mom bloggers, and feel this is a gap that someone could close up.

I guess I'm just trying to say that I am willing to product test a Porsche. Even if it's only for like 5-10 years. They appeal to men, and with the Cayenne, they offer a family product perfect for a stay at home Dad. Like me.

Just exactly like me.

The person who I am.

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  1. This brought back memories. When I was in jr. high, I remember seeing some high school kids wearing these shirts. I thought they were some kind of rite-of-passage, like a privilege, or they had taken out 200 enemies with a maul or something to get it. Some unbelievable feat I would never do. 20 years later I was sitting in one, having their so-so food and..I don't think I bought a T-shirt even then. Kicking myself now...