Friday, May 11, 2012


Boobies have multiple functions, are used in a variety of work industries, and come in many shapes, colors and sizes!


William (oldest son) was sitting with Melissa (stunning wife) the other day at her computer desk. Over the years the organization of our desks has gotten a little lazy. To complicate this problem, William is in love with the concept of just getting into anything for no other reason then to simply pick up every object and put it somewhere completely different. It's real fun.

A while ago we really worked hard on getting the more "important" things or "dangerous" things out of his reach. So lots of things now sit on some shelves above the desks. Mostly this works great.

Now to inform this story I need to add that William is not much of a talker. Our Doc was, at one point in time, a bit worried about how his speech was developing, but those worries have faded. The truth is, he knows quite a few words and phrases, often doing things like singing a large chuck of a song. It's really quite cool to watch and listen to, but more often then not, he's quiet. He's also tremendously shy, and seems to take a fair amount of time to really be okay with someone "new" in the house or just around him in general. We're working on it. Anyway, most of the day he really only says a few things:

"I cannnn'ttt reeeeeeeach!" -  When he wants anything that we've specifically put out of reach.

"There it is!" - This generally follows the above. When you ask what he wants, he points and says this.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeassssssssssse!" - Really this is used post lunch time when he then wants my food.

"It's okay, _______ ." - Fill in the blank with almost anything. Sometimes he really means well, like if Carter (younger son) trips and cries. Other times it's nonsense, like, "It's okay, drink." But it really is okay, drink.

"Watch ________ !" - Another multiple choice. This is when he's ready for TV before nap time. Manny, Cars, Mickey, Wall - E, Nemo, whatever he's in the mood for.

So back to the story. As William was sitting with Melissa, the normal conversation started.

"I caaaaaaaaaan'ttt reeeeeeeeeach."

"What do you want, buddy?"

"There it is!" *point*

"What this?" *holding a container of paperclips*

William snatched it up and as you'd expect, poured the paperclips all over the desk. As he went into his happy place of mess making, Melissa and I resumed our various computer activities. I'm less then 30 seconds into my research of how Handy Manny possibly had an episode with his "brother" when in an early episode he specifically tells his sister Lola that he's her ONLY BROTHER! I'M ON TO YOU MANUEL GARCIA!...Like I said, 30 seconds in and Melissa says, in an almost frantic way...

"Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

"William? What are these?"

As is his tendency, silence...until...


"Boobies! It's okay, boobies. It's okay. It's okay, boobies."

That went on for like 5 minutes! No idea where he caught on to the word, nor any idea why he would equate it with paperclips, but it's awesome!

And you know what? It *is* okay, boobies. It really is.

(By the way, now look at the start of this post again....get it?!)

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