Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pop goes my heart!

Just a little giggle for you folks today. I know those of you at work don't want to spend all day reading this stuff when you have pressing businessy stuff to do. Today as I was cleaning up after lunch, I started to smell something. Something citrus. I know there's a lot of rumor about smelling burnt toast, or burnt hair before you have a stroke or seizure, but I wasn't sure what citrus meant.

Then William walked into the kitchen, the smell got much stronger.

I noticed he was clutching something in his hand, and while he protested, I got the contents. Gum. Lots of gum. Somehow he managed to get to one of my unopened packs located in the pantry. No idea. He didn't seem to have wanted to chew or eat any, he just unwrapped all of them and was carrying them around. Now I did do a head count of the gum, and I think they're all accounted for, but I guess time will tell.

No doubt, if we hear a muffled "pop" later's gonna be Dad's turn to change the diaper.

Always plotting.

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