Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sometimes there is no answer.

I've been told before that I am not a "typical male" but I'm starting to think that's just something women say to a guy when they want you to buy them things. Pretty sneaky, women.

In any case, one thing that certainly aligns me with the male stereotype is that I am a problem solver. Much like Vanilla Ice.

Sometimes I take this a little far and try to solve other people's problems. I don't mean literally, I just mean I think things through and try to figure out why person X isn't doing thing Y to better their situation. This has caused me a great deal of trouble over the years, internally. Unless asked for my advice, I'm just not the type of person who can tell someone, even a friend, "Hey you know what might help your financial situation? Maybe don't subscribe to 500 magazines? Your house looks like the recycle bin of a doctor's office." Still, I think about these things. It's in my nature to do so.

It's taken me a while, but I've learned to understand that often times when someone is telling me about their latest issues, it's simply for venting purposes. It's a bit selfish. I'll be sitting there trying to get a word in edge wise and they keep going on about the latest price of designer socks. The best plan may be to nod and agree and go home without further thought on the matter. I have to stop myself from trying to figure these people out. Going around in circles on the matter does me no good at all. Sometimes the best answer is no answer at all.

This philosophy came in handy today after lunch. The boys get TV time between lunch and nap. So, like any normal day I get William down from the table and send him off to the family room with his "spill-proof" cup to watch Mickey. Now I don't know what the thought process was leading up to this. All I know was I wasn't more then 5 seconds behind him in entering the family room...where he was licking the couch. I asked what he was doing, and was answered with a great big smile...and another lick.

Not gonna try to figure that out.

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