Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just a quick note.

I just wanted to make everyone aware of a couple things involving my little nook here.

First off, I really appreciate any form of little note of "good job, keep going" regarding this site. I know for certain that some of you have specifically tried to pass the word around and generate a bit of additional interest for me. I truly thank you for that. I've probably made it obvious by now that while "This is for me! This is for fun!" I have a bigger goal of making this a little more widespread and becoming a larger part of my life. I enjoy it, and it gives me something better to do at 3am then watch TV.

So keeping that in mind I want to give you folks a little insight for some upcoming plans. There's nothing major in the works, but stuff I hope people want to know and be excited about with me.

Soon, and hopefully on a bit of a regular basis, I am planning on inviting a guest blogger to stop by and give me a chance to promote the other side of the coin, the stay at home Mom. Yes, a Mom will post something on The Dad Life. Women just weasel their way into everything. Seriously, she's an amazing and funny Mom, and I'm very excited that she agreed to stop by and post.

Also, please note that there is now email sign up available! For those who are friends with me on Facebook, I'm hopeful that this addition will allow me to stop making those annoying "GO READ MY BLOG RIGHT SOONISH PLEASE!" updates. So if you'd like email notifications about new posts, please put your email in! Hopefully it works!

Last, and certainly the most distant. In conjunction with my hope that you, the readers, will please continue to help me promote things, I am tweaking settings that are supposed to generate additional traffic. Should that happen, you are certain to find one day that the site is revamped with a more custom look, and perhaps even sponsors - I'm talking to you Porsche.

In short, thank you. Keep reading. Keep spreading the word. Buy me a Porsche.

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